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I can almost feel the night. Its warm yet empty; no comfort, no soothing.
Sometimes when you feel the wind blowing in your face and a starry sky, you almost think that the darkness is not that bad, but at other times it can be a black hole, a narrow hollow.

Kabhi milogay tu tum ko sunaingay qissay
shab-e-hijraan k chiraagon ki bujhti lau k

I don’t find moon beautiful in any state, except the crescent, which I am in love with. I specially don’t like moon on starry nights because it over shadows those tiny miny life-like symbols of light. The fact that they seem to be so small, actually helps a lot of people, or atleast me. They look so small when we look at them but deep inside we know that they are actually really big. Just like this, they remind us (or me) of the fact that If today people don’t understand/like/appreciate me its because they are far away from me and one day when they will come close to me, one day when they’ll get to see the real me, they’ll know that I am all the great things too.

hamaray pass sey guzro gay tu dekhogay
hamara dil bhi dharakta hey, saans chalti hay

damn i want a telescope!!!


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