A Social History

September 21, 2006 at 1:17 am 1 comment

A Social History

Human beings have not always been the way we see them today, in 2419. As funny as it may may sounds, they had no concept of individualism at all until the

twenty third century. Infact, just a few hundred years ago, the members of opposite sex used to commit to each other to spend their whole lives together. 

Besides that, they used to live in groups of millions and called themselves a ‘society’ based on elements like religion (a primitive way to get to God) , geaography

(an imaginery line dividing land) , color (i.e. the variations of brown) and some other elements that are non-existent in today’s world.
 These societies were social units that used to bond people together, however, they were pronounced illegal by the government of the world in 2276

A.D. It is hard to believe, but the recent research of the ’emotional age’ (1900 AD – 2250 AD) provides sufficient evidence of the fact that people in that age

actually used to believe in each other rather then adhere to the natural phenomenon of individualism. Recently discovered pieces of texts from that age mention

a strong emotion called ‘guilt’ that dominated the lives of the people. Literary researchers have reconstructed the definition of ‘Guilt’ as an emotion experienced

by somebody who gives an equal or greater importance to anybody other then himself, thus violating the basic human principle of individuality. Another very

amusing fact regarding the dominating emotions of that age is that anybody who worried more about himself then others, was criticised and admonished. In

today’s world, this kind of criticism would ofcourse be termed ‘irrational’. People of that age used terms like ‘selfish’ and ‘selfishness’ abundantly, which shows

their lack of understanding of the human behavior. Other such terms and emotions, that are completely obsolete now, include ‘responsibilty’ , ‘promise’ ,

‘devotion’ and many others.
 However, the most interesting phenomenon of the emotional age, recently discovered by the researchers is called ‘love’. Love, as interpreted by the

researchers, was feigning care for somebody else, in order to acquire the much desired personal satisfaction. A mother would care for her child in order to get

the satisfaction of mind and self-pride. People used to love each other in pairs as well as in groups. The pairs in love , would  comitt to each other to spend their

whole lives together, hence depriving each other of an emotional engagement with any other person . Oxymorons like ‘unconditional love’ were commonly used

by the people who clearly lacked an understanding of human psychology. A number of people also used this emotion to engage in fornication, which interestingly

enough, was purposely kept hidden from the younglings for unknown reasons. Given that it is a basic human need, hiding fornication from kids would be exactly

like hiding food, air or water from them.

I want to write more but ahh….my mind does not.


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now thats where i wanna go! tham gaya hey pal shayad!

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  • 1. insideme  |  November 17, 2006 at 6:13 pm

    Very nice!


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