Thought Crimes

June 25, 2006 at 5:43 pm 1 comment

1: Heyyyy, whats up dude, What are you doing here?

2: Its a bookstore right? so just trying to get some nice books to read.

1: But why in the world are you standing in this section?

2: Why whats wrong here? I was trying to get something on the peloponnesian war!

1: Dude, its the 'warfare books' section and that salesman is looking at us weirdly.

2: Oh come on! You are not suggesting that we cannot even browse warfare books now!

1: I am not suggesting anything but it just does not seem right to be standing here right now. Let's move.

2: Okay okay. Let me get some regional maps then I am driving to Minnesota tomorrow.

1: Maps?? Are you in your senses? You have any idea what they would think if they see us looking at maps!!

2: Come on now! Be reasonable.

1: Reason says that there are a dozen more sections in this bookstore and we don't have to stand here in maps! See we can look for some nice books here in the 'Landscape and Architecture' area. They are so many good books here.

2: Hmm. Lets see if we have something of interest here.

1: What is this you are reading?

2: Its a nice book on national architecture and some famous architects.

1: You are reading 'Most important buildings of America' !!!!! What has gotten into you yaar?? Are you nuts or something. See how that white chap is staring at us. I am telling you man you'll get us into trouble.

2: Why the hell are you panicking! We are just reading books here. We are not doing anything dangerous or harmful. We are not blowing any…

1: Stop it right there! You are totally insane. Holy Cow, You were gonna utter the B word here. Whats wrong with you pal!

2: Whats wrong with you??? I am simply standing in a bookstore trying to read some books!

1: Read a novel or something man! Look at these fiction books. They have all the great authors here 'Jeffrey Archer', 'Danielle Steel', 'John Grisham…oh lets leave him out'. See they have thousands of novels here. Why don't you pick a good one to read from here?

2: I'll see if they have anything worth reading but I am not moving again. Period.

1: Okay okay!

2: Why are you staring at me like this? What did I do now??

1: You are reading a Science fiction novel by 'Lee Harper'! Do you have any idea what he's famous for?

2: Yeah. He has the coolest and most extraordinary gadgets.

1: Or what many people call 'weapons'.

2: Hey I am not moving to any other section now. I've had enough.

1: Yes. We are going out of the bookstore now. Its too dangerous here!

2: I will walk out just because you insist but whatever happened to my freedom of expression thing? I am telling you, you are panicking way too much. Don't be so scared and so cynical of people here. Not everyone has a prejudice against brown people. You are making a fuss out of nothing. You should not think that everyone here is a racist or something just because of a few people. We should not cultivate this kind of an attitude within ourselves. We should..

3: You both are under arrest for indulging into suspicious activities and terrorizing the public through your behavior. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law.


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With this wrinkle, I thee wed … Mother Teresa

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  • 1. giniann  |  July 14, 2006 at 7:31 pm

    That was so funny and yeah something that could totally happen!


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