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May 19, 2006 at 3:55 am 2 comments

Just finished watching bombay. Excellent movie; resonates very well with the only thing that I feel reallly strongly about. The irrational behaviors based on stupid religious notions, or seemingly religious notions.

Bono is so right when he says that "religion usually comes in the way of God."

The point is, everybody think that they have the most liberal, rational or justifiable behaviour when it comes to religion, never knowing that what they are terming 'justifiable' might be harmful in many ways. Like some parents would say "I am not a religious fundamentalist, I am just saying that it is important to beat up your kid if they don't do namaz". They never know what this freedom would mean to all the religious mentors, the most horrible of creatures. There are so many stories(true ones) about these maulvis who tutor Quran to kids. I myself have seen them spanking kids, hitting them with a stick, pulling down their trousers and spanking on their bare bottoms and what not. But I know that I have seen nothing. My dad tells me of this one maulvi who actually used to tie up kids with chains and then beat them.(Yes its true, because my dad and my uncle knew this maulvi closely and they told us that every student of his used to curse him that may he die a horrible death and he did die of some really disgusting disease). I hate those fucking parents too who allow such things to happen to their children. is it any better then the custom of throwing children in wells, or burying them as soon as their fucking born?

I was really impressed by Ibn-e-Battuta till I read what he did when he became the Qazi of this set of islands around Maldives. he issued the order that anyone who does not come to the friday prayers should be whipped with a hunter. Fucking bastard.


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Survivor in Pakistan I know its cheezy, but ‘what the heck?’

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  • 1. Serenity  |  June 7, 2006 at 6:28 am

    you cannot blame religious studies(or religion) just because of some fucking moulvies, i think you must have to visit wonderful universities like “jamai-e Rasheed” and a lot of other religious institutions where you get Real “ILAM” not only the knowledge.

    and the other thing is that we have to take care of things we are afraid of being spoiled. i would never like my boy get spoiled so i think becoming strict with him is good if he is doing something wrong like joining fucking communities.
    and i hate those fucking parents who don’t care know what their baby is doing perhaps they call themselves very liberal and their behaviour with their kids is justifiable


  • 2. malang  |  June 7, 2006 at 12:22 pm

    I agree that strictness is necessary, but parents should do it themselves (that too if its critically imporant). trusting other people with your kids’ lives is Stupid with a capital S; it shows tha the parents are not competent enough to do the job themselves.


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